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Support Our Youth Attending
the 2023 National Catholic Youth Conference

Watch our students' video on why they attend NCYC!


As you may or may not already know, this month, 15 high school students from Saint Eulalia’s will be going to Indianapolis, IN for the National Catholic Youth Conference - our biggest group ever!

During our time in Indianapolis, we will have an opportunity to pray, learn, and worship with nearly 20,000 other young Catholics from across the country. NCYC is a distinctly Catholic three-day event that focuses on the treasures of the Catholic tradition including Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Confession, and conference-style breakout sessions. 

As our St. Eulalia’s Parish youth minister for nearly 10 years, I have found that NCYC is the single-most faith affirming opportunity that our young people can participate in. We are able to attend this conference through the generosity of our fellow parishioners, our friends, and families. At a cost of nearly $1,000 per teen, we have set a goal of $15,000 for this year’s NCYC Fund. Every donation helps, no matter the size. 

By donating to our NCYC Fund, you are investing in the future of our vibrant Parish and our local Catholic community

Donations can be made by check to Saint Eulalia’s parish, please include NCYC in the memo. Donations can also be made via PayPal.

We also ask that you keep us in your prayers for a safe and enriching pilgrimage to Indianapolis! 

Yours in Christ, 
Kelley McConnell
Director of Youth Ministry

Students attending: Ella S., Sam, Olivia D.,Gabe, PJ, Roland, Pat, Nora, Hailey, Hannah, Ella J., Olivia J., Kyle, Zoe, Sophia 

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